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100-year-old tree illegally cut down in State Park

Tuesday 11 July, 2017

A magnificent Yellow Box tree, believed to be around 100 years old, has been illegally cut down in Langi Ghiran State Park.

The Yellow Box is a native species of eucalyptus that provides habitat for a variety of insects, birds, bats, possums and gliders. It is also an excellent honey-producing tree and there are apiary licences issued in the Langi Ghiran area for honey producers.

Parks Victoria is investigating the incident, after the felled tree was discovered by a Ranger near the Langi Ghiran Track, a popular six-kilometre route through the state park. A lower section of the tree was removed, indicating a specific intent for the wood, such as milling for furniture.

Penalties for cutting, felling, removing, damaging or destroying vegetation in national and state parks can include initial fines under the National Parks Act 1975, additional fines under the Wildlife Regulations 2013, and court judgements where further penalties may be applied.

Parks Victoria is calling on the public to report any sightings of illegal wood removal from parks by contacting 13 1963.

Quotes attributable to Parks Victoria Ranger, Anthony Veit:

“We’re dismayed by this act of environmental vandalism, which has resulted in the destruction of a magnificent native tree that is around 100 years old.”

“There are significant penalties in place for cutting and removing vegetation from state parks, and we encourage the public to report any such activity to Parks Victoria on 13 1963.”

“Our national and state parks protect Victoria’s flora and fauna, conserve cultural and historical heritage, and provide natural settings for the enjoyment of visitors.”

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