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A smoother ride to the rock climbs of Mt Arapiles

Wednesday 12 September, 2012

A spring day-trip to Australia’s most popular rock climbing location will be less bumpy after flood recovery works were finished at Mt. Arapiles-Tooan State Park. Damaged caused by floods has been repaired through a project of clearing and forming of open table drains, grading of unsealed roads, earth and drainage works, and reforming of ‘washed out’ roads.

Peter Hawker, Senior Ranger for Mount Arapiles was happy works on three roads at Centenary Park Road, Ring Road and the Mt. Arapiles Summit carpark were complete. He thanked the local community and visitors for their patience.

“After a long dry spell, 4 inches of rain fell in a day in 2010. I’d like to thank our flood recovery team for their work in repairing the park and the community for their support during this time.” Mr Hawker said.

“Works to Centenary Park Road will allow better vehicle access from Centenary Park that lead to some of the rock climbs and the stunning views of eastern rock faces of the mountain. Works to Ring Road will provide better drainage and track protection and improved the level of access for emergency services and management vehicles.”

Mr Hawker said the flood recovery project included planning considerations for the parks flora,archaeological and heritage assets.

“The team ensured work was completed within strict guidelines to safeguard Mount Arapiles natural and cultural values. Sites of significance were noted by works crews prior to activity commencing and road works stuck within the existing road footprint. Plant and machinery hygiene was a high priority to lessen the chance of spreading or introducing soil borne disease or fungus.”

Created in 1987, Mount Arapiles is a 7475 hectare park valued for nature conservation. It is home to the rare Peregrine Falcon and 14 percent of Victoria’s flora species are represented in the Mount Arapiles section alone. Mount Arapiles is renowned internationally for its jagged cliffs, crags and pinnacles and thousands of climbers flock to climb its 2000 estimated routes.

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