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All-ability access to the Yarra River trail

Tuesday 18 July, 2017

People using wheelchairs will finally have access to the Main Yarra Trail at Abbotsford under a plan to bring existing infrastructure up to standard and in line with disability discrimination legislation.

For nearly thirty years people with mobility limitations have been blocked from accessing and enjoying the Yarra River environment on a stretch of river between the Collingwood Children’s Farm and Gipps Street in Abbotsford.

Parks Victoria’s Director Marine and Maritime, Jo Richards described the Gipps Street steps, which descend from street level down to the Yarra River alongside the Collins bridge, as an unacceptable and unsafe barrier to access which have no place in a popular park in inner urban Melbourne.

“We are committed and legally obliged to build a compliant gently sloping three-metre-wide all ability shared path ramp to provide access for all to this lovely part of Melbourne’s Yarra River.”

The ramp will be approximately 150-metres long as it gradually descends from street level at Gipps Street to the Main Yarra Trail below at the bottom of the river embankment.

The all-ability access ramp will comply with the Australian Standards, gradually descend half a metre every seven metres and include level landings every 6 metres.

All of these features are designed to support a range of users like mums with prams, people with mobility limitations, people using wheelchairs and bike riders with kids in tow.

Have your say on our plan to improve access and safety for all to the Main Yarra Trail. The survey runs until Friday 4 August.

Parks Victoria welcomes input from community and disability organisations as well as individuals with mobility limitations who would like to access the Main Yarra Trail following the planned infrastructure upgrades.

You can review a concept plan here.

If you would like more information about this project please email or phone 13 1963.

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