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Cowes Jetty load limit reduced

Thursday 28 September, 2017

Vehicle access and crowd loading for large events has been restricted on Cowes Jetty after recommendations from engineers.

The engineers were engaged to conduct routine technical inspections. They provided advice to reduce the load limit to prevent degradation and ensure the jetty remains accessible for community use.

The jetty remains safe for pedestrian access and use as a ferry terminal by commercial operators but vehicles and events involving large crowds will no longer be permitted on the jetty.

As part of an ongoing pier and jetty maintenance program, Parks Victoria regularly assesses the condition of maritime structures both visually and with technical inspections using professional engineers and divers.

The results of the technical inspections are used to calculate safe load ratings for vehicle, vessel and pedestrian access and guide decisions around management of the jetty and the need for development of future funding bids associated with the need to replace the structure at the end of its practical life.

For more information on piers and jetties around Port Phillip call 13 1963.

Quotes attributable to Parks Victoria A/District Manager, Reece Taranto:

“Typically, a concrete pier structure has an estimated lifespan of more than 50 years depending on the design and environmental conditions of the location. The current Cowes Jetty structure was originally built in the late 70’s and still has at least 10 years of practical service.”

Cowes Jetty plays a significant role in the local community and is a critical part of Phillip Island’s overall tourism and visitor experience. Parks Victoria is committed to ensuring Cowes Jetty continues to provide safe access for the long term.”

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