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Fox baiting underway at Warby-Ovens National Park

Friday 1 March, 2013

Parks Victoria will undertake a baiting program to control fox numbers in the Warby-Ovens National Park this month to help safeguard native wildlife.

Parks Victoria Wangaratta Ranger in Charge Chris Mercier said, “The fox control program is part of our ongoing efforts to protect native wildlife and the environment, and follows on from a successful baiting program last year when conditions were particularly ripe for fox breeding.

“As an introduced species, foxes are a major threat to birds, small native mammals, amphibians and reptiles that live in the forest, woodlands and along the river, in addition to affecting local farm activities.

“Foxes usually live in dens underground or under embankments, and are a particular threat to the Carpet Python and birds such as the ground-dwelling Bush Stone-curlew,” he said.

Parks Victoria is laying baits containing 1080 poison, 8cm below the surface, at areas of known fox habitat within Warby-Ovens National Park from 6 – 29 March 2013. Signs are posted throughout the baited area.

“Parks Victoria is urging members of the public who are living, visiting, or working in the area to take care not to disturb or interfere with bait stations,” said Mr Mercier.

“While pets are not permitted in the national park, pet owners and adjacent landholders are advised to keep animals under effective control, muzzled or away from the poisoned areas because domestic dogs and cats are particularly susceptible to 1080 poisons.”

The baiting program is funded by the Victorian Government’s Good Neighbour Program and is part of an integrated approach to control foxes.

“We also encourage neighbouring landholders to conduct baiting on private land at this time to consolidate efforts to reduce the fox population and prevent fox migration in and out of the park.”

For further information contact 13 1963.

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