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Litter takes a toll on local parks

Monday 4 September, 2017

Parks Victoria rangers are calling on the community to do the right thing with their rubbish, after recently cleaning up 10 cubic metres of rubbish dumped near Robinvale.

The impacts of rubbish dumped around Robinvale include waste making it into waterways and contaminating local water supplies; garden clippings spreading invasive weeds into the bush and competing with native species, and; animals and birds being poisoned by eating household waste.

There are serious penalties for anyone caught littering or dumping rubbish, including fines and prosecution resulting in convictions and possible imprisonment.

We rely on the community to help be our eyes and ears in the bush, so if you see someone dumping litter, or an area where it has been dumped, please report it to:

Quotes attributable to Ian Curwood, District Manager, Parks Victoria:

Rubbish dumping in parks and reserves around Robinvale is an ongoing issue. It diverts the time and resources of Parks Victoria staff that could be far better spent on managing visitor sites, environmental protection or working with neighbours and community.

We are continually disappointed to see people leaving their rubbish in parks and reserves, including household items as well as building and industrial waste.

We ask that people take their rubbish to Robinvale or Euston Landfill to both protect the environment and to ensure that other visitors can enjoy these special places.

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