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Declaration of boating activity exemption - Wakeboard Victoria Round 5

Thursday 1 February, 2018



Parks Victoria as the declared waterway manager for the Patterson River upstream of Nepean Highway Bridge to Eumemmering Creek, makes the following declaration under section 203(3) of the Marine Safety Act 2010.

For the purpose of conducting the Wakeboard Victoria Round 5 at the National Water Sports Centre on 4 February 2018 between 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, masters of vessels involved are exempt from:

  1. 5 knots within 50 metres of a person in the water – Clause 2(a);
  2. 5 knots within 50 metres of the waters’ edge – Clause 3(a), provided tow vessels and towed persons do not exceed 5 knots within 20 metres of the waters’ edge; and
  3. 5 knots within 50 metres of fixed or floating structures – Clause 3(b).


  • The masters of tow vessels will not be exempt from the above item 2, Clause 3(a), if their vessel or towed person exceeds 5 knots within 20 metres of the waters’ edge.
  • Occupants of powered vessels including rescue vessels used in conjunction with the event must be wearing a personal flotation device at all times during the event.
  • The exemptions apply to the masters and vessels participating in the Wakeboard Victoria event, provided that the stated safety controls and undertakings detailed in the event application and associated documentation are adhered to.

By the order of Parks Victoria

Dated: 01/02/2018