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Tenders and notices

Fox control – Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park and Reserves

Wednesday 7 February, 2018

Parks Victoria’s conservation management to restore and protect park habitat includes the control of introduced plant and animal species. As part of an ongoing strategy, notice is hereby given that Parks Victoria will be laying buried baits containing Sodium Monofluoroacetate (1080 poison) on public land for the control of foxes.

Baits containing 1080 poison will be laid from 18th February 2018 until 18th August 2018.

Baits will be laid at strategic sites and other known areas of fox habitat within the following areas: Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park and Gippsland Lakes Coastal Reserves including Rigby, Crescent, Rotten, Barton and Waddy Islands.

1080 poison warning signs will be posted throughout the baited area and members of the public who are living, visiting or working in the above named areas are advised to take particular care not to disturb or interfere with bait stations. Domestic dogs and cats are particularly susceptible to 1080 poison and should be under effective control, muzzled or kept away from the baited areas.