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Set Aside Determination - Altona Australia Day Fireworks

Wednesday 20 December, 2017

Port Management Act 1995 (Vic.)

Port Management (Local Ports) Regulations 2015

Set Aside Determination – Regulation 11(1)

Local ports of Port Phillip, Western Port and/or Port Campbell

I, Graeme Davis, District Manager Port Phillip Western Port, of Parks Victoria (as delegate of the Port Manager), determine under Regulation 11(1) of the Port Management (Local Ports) Regulations 2015 that the areas defined in the following table are set aside for the purposes and conditions specified.

This determination has been made in accordance with Regulation 11(2)

(b)         if the port manager reasonably believes that there is imminent risk of—

(i)            harm or damage to—

(a)          the health or safety of any person; or

(ii)          significant interference with the safe, efficient and effective management of the local port.

In accordance with Regulation 11(4), this determination replaces any previous set aside determination made by the port manager in respect of that area or any part there of that area for the period specified in this temporary determination.

This determination applies from Friday 26 January 2018 between 1800hrs until 2300hrs.

Signed at Melbourne by

Graeme Davis
District Manager Port Phillip Western Port

on 16/12/2017





Reasonable conditions (Regulation 14)


Determination to set aside an area in a local port in which access to that area is prohibited or restricted for not more than 90 days.

Prohibit entry by people if circumstances may place their safety at risk.

The area as shown on Map attached.

Altona Australia Day Fireworks Display, Port of Port Phillip set aside 100m radius from a point 60m west of Altona Pier.

Between 1800hrs - 2300hrs on Friday 26 January 2018.

Entry is prohibited to all persons excluding the fireworks display staff, Hobson’s Bay City Council staff & event staff (internal & contracted staff) and Parks Victoria staff.