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Mornington Pier Reconstruction and Wave Protection Works

Project Update August 2015

The Mornington Pier reconstruction project is now complete.  

The re-built pier includes:

  • Improved access to the water with a new 60 metre low landing area.
  • A new larger concrete pier section, inlayed with a timber deck walking surface.
  • Wave protection panels designed to withstand strong local waves and provide some protection to vessels berthed in the fisherman’s wharf.   

Parks Victoria would like to thank the community for their patience.

Mornington Pier aerial photo 
Photo courtesy of 


Sunrise over Mornington Pier July 2015 

Project update May 2015

Mornington’s pier is just weeks away from re-opening.  Since the pier’s construction re-started in late January this year the focus was to complete the low landing and timber deck and other minor works. However, Parks Victoria’s contractor has faced a number of unexpected delays to the project’s planned completion. 

In Feburary the new 60 metre low landing was completed in time to support the smooth arrival of hundred of passengers from a P&O cruise ship which anchored off shore and ferried passengers into the pier for the first time at Mornington. 

Working into the autumn and winter months slowed finishing works on the pier including lighting, decorative timber deck and handrails. 

The pier was due to open in April but additional works which was required to secure some of the 15 tonne wave panels to the pier deck has delayed the project which is now due for completion in June. 

 Mornington Pier deck
The new timber deck.

Mornington Pier lower landing 
The low landing is now completed.

Project Update December 2014

Wave screens in place
Wave screens

Mornington will have most of its pier open for the summer break from 18 December with the $15 million pier re-construction now 80 per cent complete.

The pier now has all the wave screens installed and is offering improved protection for vessels within the harbour.

Although the pier upgrade is structurally complete, weather delays have prevented Parks Victoria from finishing the job as we had hoped before Christmas. The first two thirds of the pier will be open over the construction industry break from December 19 to the January 27.

Works to be completed early in 2015 include installing the deck, handrails and low landing to the outer section of the pier.

When Parks Victoria’s contractor returns at the end of January it is anticipated that a further six weeks will be needed to complete the project which will then allow the full length of the pier to open to the public towards the end of March. 

Once the pier reconstruction is complete Parks Victoria, in conjunction with Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, is scheduling further improvement works to the start of the pier and forecourt area including relaying of the cobblestone area, services upgrades, and seating, lighting and historical information signage. These works will be delivered without further public access restrictions to the pier. 

Project Update August 2014

Mornington Pier’s new wave screens have taken a lashing during June and July with the sturdy structure taking local storms in its stride and showing the waves who is boss.

Waves crash over the pier

Parks Victoria’s contractor is currently re-building the outer section of the pier after works to demolish the old degraded timber pier began in February.

The demolition work went well and can be seen on timelapse photography video shown under the video tab above.

From May to mid-June the project also made good progress with a major piling rig doing its job and installing all of the new required steel piles which will provide the foundation for the new concrete deck.

Unfortunately, as winter came to Mornington so did the notorious northerly and north westerly winds which have made further piling and onsite work very difficult.

Parks Victoria’s contractor had hoped to begin the first concrete pour for the new deck in July but this has not been possible due to the high winds and tide levels.

Most of the off-site work needed to prepare for this next stage of work on-site is now complete.

Hopefully, Snapper point will provide a clear weather window soon to allow the keen contractor to move onto the next stage of building the outer section of the pier.

Whatever the weather decides to do the construction site will close down over the busy summer holiday period in December and January to allow visitors to enjoy the area.

Parks Victoria will open up as much of the pier as it can safely arrange with the expectation that the outer section of the pier will be largely structurally complete at this stage.

After the summer holiday period Parks Victoria’s contractor will return to the site to finish off the major project. These finishing works will include laying the timber deck, installing handrails, lighting and other completion works expected to take about two months. 

Project Update May 2014

Pile driving underway 

After a long journey by sea 109 steel piles started arriving at Mornington this week to build the foundation for the new 81 metre end of the pier. 

Works to drive in the piles, which will hold up the new concrete deck, started in early May 2014 and will continue over coming months. 

Piles varying in length from 35 to 45 metres will be driven into the sea bed over the next three months. 

 special long trucks used to ferry the piles to the pier site

 Special long trucks are used to ferry the piles to the pier site.


Works to demolish outer section of pier (March 2014)


The 75 metre end of the pier which was decommissioned due to safety concerns was removed.

All hands on deck – work started in late January to safely demolish old outer section of the pier.


Degraded timber deck removed from outer section of the pier in Feburary and March 2014.



Cranes on floating barges are used to extract the degraded piles from the other section of the pier.


The outer section of Mornington Pier

The following artist impression gives the first glimpse of what the new outer section of pier will look like when complete.  

Mornington Pier outer section
View from Fishermans Jetty looking north east


Design features of the new pier

The new pier will remain on its historical alignment and have a timber deck supported by steel piles and concrete sub-structure. The northern side of the pier has, in part, been stepped back in response to site conditions (rock placed on the sea floor in years gone by).

Wave screen panels will be similar to those installed on the middle section of pier. The pier deck ramps up be about level with the top of the wave screen panels, with the effect of maintaining the views out across the bay.

A low landing, sitting about 1.5 metres above low tide water level, will improve access for boats using the pier and for SCUBA divers to access under the pier. A gentle ramp will connect the low level landing with the pier, complying with design accessibility standards.

Ladders will be provided along the harbour side of the pier, along with seating, lighting, signs providing information about the history of Mornington Pier and navigation light near the end of the pier.

Repair and maintenance work to the iron stone paving near the entrance to the pier will be undertaken to improve pedestrian access.

easterly aspect of new outer section
View from Schnapper Point looking east


Mornington Pier Re-build and upgrade timeline


August 2009 Works to rebuild 56 metre middle section of the pier commence.
2010 Pier condition report requires Parks Victoria to close outer section of pier to protect public safety as 20 percent of support piles were failing under the water surface.
October 2011


Works to rebuild 56 metre middle section of the pier complete. Replaced middle section of the pier can withstand storms and large waves notorious at Schnapper Point and is designed to last for at least 50 years.

August 2013 Works to add wave screens to the middle section of the pier completed.
January 2014  Start of works to demolish and re-build a new 81 metre reinforced concrete platform and timber deck to replace the decommissioned outer section of the pier announced.
May 2014  Works to install the 109 piles underway.  
December 2014  80 per cent of construction complete and all wave screens installed.