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Mt Martha Mooring Area


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Mooring location: Mt Martha, Port Phillip

Set aside name: Mt Martha

Melways reference: Map 144 H12

Boundaries: East of Balcombe Point to a line through the creek bed between bathing boxes 56 and 57.

Agent managing: Parks Victoria – Rosebud office

Status: Full

Waiting list: No

Local features
Both Mt Martha Lifesaving Club and Yacht Club located near the mooring boundaries. Mt Martha boat ramp located to the NE of the mooring ground

Public moorings present: No

Availability of temporary moorings: No

Weather conditions: Open water exposed to all winds especially N and W winds

Tackle requirements

  • Buoys: All moorings in the Mount Martha area must have a Standard Identification Buoy, as specified by Parks Victoria fitted to the mooring at all times. The buoy and identification number must be visible at all times.
  • Chain: As specified by an Authorised Mooring Tackle Contractor
  • Weights: No ground weights permitted. 2-3 Anchor systems only allowed.

Parking available at Mt Martha Beach South. Access by boat located at Mt Martha Beach North as a small sand boat ramp is present.

Contact: Parks Victoria 13 19 63

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