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Point Nepean Cemetery

4 years ago from Parks Victoria

Location: Gunners Cottage

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Patterson River Mooring Area

Mooring location: Patterson River Pile Moorings, Port Phillip Set aside name: Patterson River Melways reference: Map 97 E6 Boundaries: 20 Pile moorings on the Northern bank of Patterson River opposite…

Portsea East Mooring Area

Mooring location: Portsea East, Port Phillip Set aside name: Portsea East Melways reference: Map 156 F2 Boundaries: From 50 Metres East of Portsea Pier to Point Franklin Agent managing: Parks…

Portsea West Mooring Area

Mooring location: Portsea West, Port Phillip Set aside name: Portsea West Melways reference: Map 156 E2 Boundaries: From 50 Meters West of Portsea Pier to Police Point Agent managing: Parks…

Queenscliff Mooring Area

Mooring location: Queenscliff and Queenscliff West, Port Phillip Set aside name: Queenscliff Melways reference: Map 487 A 10 Boundaries: As per map - located within Queenscliff mooring grounds Agent managing:…

Rosebud Mooring Area

Mooring location: Rosebud, Port Phillip; Rosebud Motor Boat Squadron Set aside name: Rosebud Melways reference: Map 158 D12 BoundariesApproximately from a line through Eight Ave to a line through Ninth…

Rosebud West Mooring Area

Mooring location: Rosebud West, Port Phillip Set aside name: Rosebud West Melways reference: Map 169 G2 Boundaries: From a line though Truemans Road to eastern end of carpark opposite Navarak…

Rye Mooring Area

Mooring location: Rye, Port Phillip Set aside name: Rye Melways reference: Map 168 D3 Boundaries: From the point at White Cliffs to 50 meters west of the starboard hand pile…

Safety Beach Mooring Area

Mooring location: Safety Beach, Port Phillip Set aside name: Safety Beach Melways reference: Map 150 D11 Boundaries: From in front of Boat Shed no. 31 to approx. 50 metres south…

Sandringham Mooring Area

Mooring location: Sandringham Set aside name: Sandringham Melways reference: Map 76 E7 Boundaries A thin band on the northern side of the Sandringham (Hampton) Pier. This mooring ground runs from…

Sands - Leopold Mooring Area

Mooring location: Leopold, Port Phillip Set aside name: Sands Melways reference: Map 454 H 8 Boundaries: As per map - Adjacent to the Sands Caravan Park Agent managing: Parks Victoria…

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