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Maintenance Dredging Program

Victorian Waterways

Changes to Parks Victoria’s Maintenance Dredging Program

Parks Victoria is the waterway manager for the designated local ports of Port Phillip and Western Port. Since 1998, Parks Victoria has managed an ongoing maintenance dredging program to facilitate safe boating access to local port facilities and harbours within its jurisdiction and control.

A recent review of the maintenance dredging program was undertaken, and following an examination of the program’s marine design standards and methodologies, a number of changes have been recommended.

The Long Term Environmental Management Plan

These changes, and the manner in which the maintenance dredging program will be delivered into the future, have been compiled into a report, the Bays Maintenance Dredging Program – Long Term Environmental Management Plan.

Prior to finalising the Plan, Parks Victoria is inviting the public to make comments on the proposed changes to the program until 22 May 2017. Once approved, the Long Term Environmental Management Plan will provide a framework for Parks Victoria’s updated maintenance dredging program while ensuring relevant statutory controls and obligations are met.

New sites

A number of infrequently dredged sites have been included in the Plan. These were not previously part of the dredging program, but are now considered, as most will need some level of maintenance within the next ten years. In most cases the sites will require further detailed investigation, design and funding prior to dredging.

The new sites include:

  • Queenscliff Moorings
  • Brighton Harbour
  • Hampton Harbour and Jetty
  • Patterson River Estuary
  • Hastings Jetty
  • Williamstown Precinct

 New designs

To provide greater safety, efficiency, and environmental protection, some sites have had changes to their design or methodology.

These include:

  • Patterson River depth increased to -5.0m
  • Mordialloc, length of dredge area
  • Queenscliff, increase of dredge area to include mooring area for Ferry and dredge
  • Portarlington new entry channel and depth within the harbour
  • Werribee, depth increased to -2.5m
  • New methodology at Tankerton for in water disposal

Have your say and find out more

Community drop-in sessions will be held in May, and provide an opportunity to view the Long Term Environmental Management Plan, provide feedback, or to find out more about the maintenance dredging program.

To attend one of the drop-in sessions, please register your interest by sending your name and the location you wish to attend to We will respond with the meeting location and access details.

Community drop-in sessions will be held at:

11.00am - 1.00pm, 3 May 2017 for the following sites: Hastings Jetty; Tankerton Entrance Channel; San Remo Jetty.

St Kilda 
4.30pm - 6.00pm, 4 May 2017 for the following sites: Werribee River Entrance; Williamstown Precinct; St Kilda Harbour Inner Landing; Brighton Harbour; Hampton Harbour and Jetty.

11.00am - 1.00pm, 5 May 2017 for the following sites: Queenscliff Channel Entrance; Queenscliff Moorings; St Leonards Harbour; Portarlington Harbour.

4.30pm - 6.00pm, 8 May 2017 for the following sites: Mordialloc Creek Entrance; Patterson River Entrance Channel; Patterson River Estuary.

Can’t make it to a session? You can still have a say

If you would like to provide feedback about the changes, please send your name and comments to: will be received until 22 May 2017.

For further information, please contact the Parks Victoria Information Centre on 13 1963.

The plan 

Bays Maintenance Dredging Program Long Term Environmental Management Plan (PDF, 7MB)

Appendices (PDF, 4MB)

Addendum (PDF, 11MB)

Fact sheets

Changes to dredging program - Overview Fact Sheet (PDF, 523KB)

Brighton Fact Sheet (PDF, 186KB)

Hampton Fact Sheet (PDF, 180KB)

Hastings Fact Sheet (PDF 588KB)

Mordialloc Creek Fact Sheet (PDF, 235KB)

Patterson River Fact Sheet (PDF, 31KB)

Portarlington Fact Sheet (PDF, 297KB)

Queenscliff Fact Sheet (PDF 354KB)

San Remo Fact Sheet (PDF, 190)

St Kilda Fact Sheet (PDF, 198KB)

St Leonards Fact Sheet (PDF, 198KB)

Tankerton Fact Sheet (PDF, 210KB)

Werribee River Fact Sheet (PDF, 187)

Williamstown Fact Sheet (PDF, 194KB)