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Safety and regulations


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Parks Victoria is the local port and waterway manager for the local port of Port Phillip and manages piers and jetties, mooring permits, aids to navigation and Marine National Parks and Sanctuaries. Parks Victoria also acts as a referral agency for planning matters and authorisation of new structures. Parks Victoria has the accountability for the safety of water users, control of vessel activities and movements in the local port and is authorised under the Marine Act 1988 to issue infringement notices or prosecute people who break the law. The Victorian Water Police can also issue infringement notices and work in partnership with Parks Victoria to ensure Port Phillip is enjoyed safely.

There are a number of rules and regulations that must be observed to protect Port Phillip environment and ensure safety for all users of Port Phillip.

Further information about safety and regulations is available from the Port Phillip Recreational Boating Guide map or call 13 1963 to ask for a free copy.


When anchoring ensure you always place anchors correctly and securely. Anchors damage reefs and seagrass beds when they are allowed to shift. Consider purchasing a new anchor that does less…

Aquaculture reserves

Eight offshore marine Aquaculture Fisheries Reserves have been established in Port Philip. These reserves total 1,990 ha including existing aquaculture areas and have been farmed for over 30 years. The…

Aquatic pests

When you participate in recreational boating activities you may be unknowingly spreading marine pests. You can protect Port Phillip by keeping your boat and equipment clean and following these simple…


When encountering a dredge vessel recreational boat operators should always maintain a safe speed and pass on the non obstruction side of the dredge vessel. The safe side of passage…

Event exclusion zones

A number of the spectacular events that take place on Port Phillip requires sections of Port Phillip to be closed for event and spectator safety. Exclusion zones are created by…

Hazards and risks

Should you encounter damaged aids to navigation, malfunctioning navigation lights, vessels adrift, submerged objects and other dangerous debris floating in the local port, please contact Parks Victoria on 13 1963…

Marine National Parks - know the boundaries

A number of activities are not permitted within the boundaries of Victoria’s Marine National Parks and Marine Sanctuaries. It’s your responsibility to know the boundaries. No fishing. No spear fishing.…

Notices to Mariners

Notice to Mariners are issued by a Harbour Master, Port Manager or Waterway Manager to advise commercial mariners, recreational boaters and waterway users of a significant change in a port…

Port security

Victorian Water Police manage port security in partnership with port managers. If you see something suspicious on the water contact the Water Police on (03) 9399 7500. Port security boats…

Pump out facilities

Poor water quality affects the health of Port Phillip and in turn the enjoyment of recreational boating and fishing activities on Port Phillip. Discharge of sewage and other waste from…

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