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Location: Spectacle Lake

Black-winged Stilts eggs

4 years ago from Parks Victoria

Location: Spectacle Lake

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Bird watching

Each year, the Point Cook Coastal Park and Cheetham Wetlands host thousands of migratory birds from as far away as Siberia and Japan. Birds travel to this area to escape the northern hemisphere winter and enjoy the wetlands habitat of Port Phillip Bay. Numbers reach a peak between September and March.

From the bird hide at Spectacle Lake one is likely to see waders and other waterbirds, such as the pied stilt, the hoary headed grebe and Australian shelduck. Many birds roost on the shores and saltmarsh areas of the RAAF Lake at high tide, including the ubiquitous pelican. Two rare migratory waders may be found here – the double banded plover from New Zealand and the eastern golden plover from Siberia and Alaska.

Accessibility Information

The gate to the path leading to the bird hide at Spectacle Lake is over one metre wide and has a chain farm-type latch. Finger dexterity is required to lift the latch off its post and to feed the chain through the gate to close it.

Spectacle Lake entrance

The path is 1.2 metres wide over its entire length and the edges are marked with raised edging, approximately 75 millimetres high, allowing way-finding for visitors with low vision.

Spectacle Lake path

At its half way point the path crosses a curved boardwalk. It is horizontally planked with a maximum gap between the timbers of 13 millimetres. The boardwalk has a 75 millimetre edging on both sides.

Spectacle Lake boardwalk

The total distance from the car park to the bird hide is 205 metres.

Bird Hide at Spectacle Lake

Spectacle Lake bird hide is one of the best places to view some of the 200 species of birds that visit Point Cook. Please keep to the access track and…

Carpark - Spectacle Lake

Accessibility Information There is one marked disabled parking space at the end of the carpark next to the path leading to the bird hide. The space is only the standard…

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