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Bird watching
Short walk
Snorkelling/SCUBA Diving

The Rip

The Rip offers spectacular wall diving and challenging drift dives. You'll see amazing colour and diversity in the marine creatures. Divers are spoilt for choice with other exciting destinations nearby…

Pope's Eye

Pope’s Eye is located about 5km north east of Portsea and is an artificial structure protruding above the water surface. It is composed of bluestone boulders laid in a semi-circular…

Point Lonsdale

The Point Lonsdale section of the park is located between Queenscliff and the western side of the Port Phillip entrance. Many of the rocks that make up the reefs as…

Swan Bay

Swan Bay is a good spot for canoeing. On a calm day canoers can see the marine life passing underneath the canoe and may be lucky enough to spot a…

Point Nepean

When the tide is right Point Nepean is a great spot for snorkelling and diving. On an incoming tide the water may be crystal clear, allowing photographers to take some…

Mud Islands

Mud Islands are an exposed area of the Great Sands which is the most extensive sand bank in Port Phillip Bay. Located approximately 6km north east of Portsea, the islands…

Portsea Hole

Portsea hole is a depression within the bed of the old Yarra River that has flowed through this area during periods of glaciation and lower sea levels. The area is…

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