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Sandringham Breakwater repair works

Recently, Parks Victoria awarded a contract to repair the Sandringham breakwater (190m section), which is in front of the Sandringham Yacht Club. This urgent work is required to structurally improve the existing rock revetment wall which has been damaged by recent storm events.

Visitor access to the breakwater will be closed for safety during the works. See closure map here.

The repair work requires the importation of 1650m3 of armour rocks and are to be placed on the face of the existing rock wall to withstand future storm events. It is estimated that about 60 to 80 truck and trailer loads are required for this project and they will be transported via Jetty Road and B8 carpark.

The trucks need to reverse at the end of the carpark to unload the rocks on the left side of the access track. To provide a safe turn around area, approximately 22 parking spaces will be closed between 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM (Monday to Friday), commencing from 25 September till mid November 2017.

Due to limited spaces for rock storage within the breakwater areas, the rocks will be delivered on needs as basis. A traffic controller will be at the carpark entrance to safely manage the carpark and rock deliveries.

Parks Victoria is aware of the local communities’ effort in planting a small area behind the carpark recently. As there is no other area where the rocks can be safely unloaded, the contractor is compelled to use this area for unloading. Upon completion of works, all affected areas will be revegetated to Bayside City Council’s requirements and the community’s expectations.

Traffic management plan for rock delivery. (PDF)