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Little Penguins


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St Kilda Breakwater is home to a colony of Little Penguins. Up to 100 Little Penguins call the breakwater their home. The isolation of the breakwater is an ideal location for them to live.

The St Kilda Little Penguins have the highest survival rate of any colony in Victoria.

At times you can view the colony coming ashore from the promenade on the St Kilda Breakwater. As the breakwater has restricted access, the easiest way to see St Kilda's Little Penguins is through an organised tour which operates from Southgate in the city on a regular basis.

Looking after the Penguins

  • No flash photography of the Little Penguins
  • Torches can only be used if the front is covered with a sheet of red cellophane
  • No standing on the rocks
  • Do not get too close to the Little Penguins

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