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Warneet Mooring Area


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Mooring location: Warneet, Western Port

Set aside name: Warneet

Melways reference: Map 612 P8

The waters of Rutherford Inlet from the 5 knot sign approximately 700 meters South of the Warneet South Jetty up stream approximately to the end of Hardy Avenue Cannons Creek.The mooring set aside is divided into four areas WAA, WAB, WAC and WAD.

Agent managing: Parks Victoria – San Remo office

Tidal moorings and some deep water sites are available. No new moorings to be placed or transfered in the area commonly known as WAA area. There are no pile mooring sites available in the WAA area which is south of the Warneet South main Jetty however, Pile moorings can be transferred.

Waiting list: No

Local features
Access at Warneet boat ramp tidal only, car/trailer park. Main Jetty is a floating pontoon at all tides.

Public moorings present: No

Availability of temporary moorings: No

Weather conditions
Sheltered waters in most weather conditions can be exposed to strong North and South winds.

Tackle requirements

  • Buoys: Identification buoys are to be attached to the mooring at all times and the site ID number must be clearly visible and marked on both buoys. Two buoys are required one being an inflatable type (orange in colour) of no less than 600mm in diameter with the other being a smaller (orange in colour) pick up buoy.
  • Chain: As specified by an Authorised Mooring Tackle Contractor
  • Weights: As specified by an Authorised Mooring Tackle Contractor

Tender arrangements: Tenders not permitted to moor but can remain on mooring whilst mother vessel is at sea.

Access: Access at Warneet boat ramp tidal only, car/trailer park. Main Jetty which floating pontoon all tides.

Contact: Parks Victoria 13 19 63 

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