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Stony Creek Backwash

The Stony Creek Backwash marks the end of a journey for Stony Creek, which eventually terminates in the Yarra River under the soaring arches of the Westgate Bridge.

From native flora and fauna to the Aboriginal Marin-bulluck clan, exploration to settlement, quarrymen to industry, Stony Creek has had many transformations. Today Stony Creek Backash emerges as a slice of history with significant environmental value.


  • From the walkway you are able to see the historic Barge and Boat located in the mud of the Lagoon. The Boat and Barge was used to transport sand to local glass works.
  • The old historic railway line that travelled from Altona to Yarraville.
  • Commemorative plaque for the 35 men who lost their lives on October 15, 1970 in the West Gate Bridge collapse.
  • You can see the footings of temporary piers used in the construction of the Bridge, and the bund in the Yarra River protecting pier 12.
  • The Stony Creek Walkway extends across the breakwater to provide access to the Yarra River. It provides spectacular views of the West Gate Bridge and provides access to pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

How to get there

Access to Stony Creek Backwash is via Hyde Street, Yarraville. Melways ref. Map 41 B11.