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Community Playground


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Accessibility information

On the western side of Aughtie Drive is the Community Playground.

The designated disabled car parking spaces are located adjacent to the toilet block. For people with a disability the best access to the playground is via the asphalt path behind the toilet block next to the lawn bowls club. Opposite the bowling greens is a path that leads to a ramped entrance to the playground.


The ramp leads to a flat section in the centre of the wooden structure allowing children with a disability to be part of the a family or playgroup or parents with a disability to supervise their children. The ramp gives access to a tiered sitting area in the centre of the playground. The path leading directly from the main car park is not accessible.

playground - ramp

playground - ramp


Just to the north of the playground is a picnic pavilion with four picnic tables that provide wheelchair roll-under access.


picnic table under pavilion

picnic table in open

The Community Playground is also accessible from the Middle Park light rail station. The station is fully accessible and is only a short distance from the playground.


railway crossing

middle park station

Fully accessible toilet facilities are located on the western side of the toilet block. These are designated male and female but contain only one room each are identical and can be used as a unisex facility. They contain a raised toilet with wheelchair space beside it. There are side and rear grab bars and an accessible hand basin. The rooms contain a baby change table.

toilet - outside

toilet - inside

toilet basin

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