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Car touring


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  • Visitors are urged to exercise caution when using river crossings following recent severe weather and flooding as conditions may have changed. at Car touring
    Monday 24 October, 2016 |
  • Due to an extended seasonal closure of Dargo High Plains Road beyond 27 October 2016 access to Blue Rag Range Track is only available from Basalt North and Basalt South. For more information contact Alpine Shire on 03 5755 0555. at Car touring
    Monday 24 October, 2016 |
  • Howitt Road is currently unsuitable for two wheel drive vehicles beyond Bryce's Gorge carpark. at Car touring
    Monday 24 October, 2016 |
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Four wheel driving

Car touring is a great way to explore and experience a park as large and varied as the Alpine National Park. Many attractions in the park are accessible in a conventional 2WD car, however other areas can only be reached on rough tracks that require a 4WD vehicle.

Please remember that a few millimetres of rain can turn a dirt track into one that is treacherous and/or impassable - even for the most experienced driver. In addition to this, considerable damage occurs to 4WD tracks when used in wet conditions.

In addition, many roads and tracks are closed seasonally during the colder, wetter months for environmental and safety reasons. Please respect seasonal road closures.

  • Trailers are not recommended on Davies Plain Track, Limestone Creek Track and McCarthys Track due to steep, loose and rocky terrain. Camper trailers are okay to Limestone Creek camping area from the Black Mountain Limestone Road.    
  • No trailers on Cobberas Trail, MacFarlane Flat Track and Ingeegoodbee Track due to very steep, loose and rocky terrain.


The related publications section below features guides for each area of the park including a map indicating which roads and tracks are sealed, unsealed, or 4WD only.

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