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Summit Toilet Block

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Accessibility information

There is a toilet block 200 meters from the observation area. Disabled access is provided via a gravel path from the road side of the building. There is a small carpark next to the toilet block. Paths leading from the picnic area below all contain steps.

There is a unisex toilet block on the picnic area side of the building. It is divided into two rooms.

The entrance to the outer room is an an outward swinging door with a large vertical ā€œDā€ handle. The door is light to open.

The outer room contains a handbasin with clear space under it and no exposed hot water pipes. It has a rotating tape with a four point star handle. The tap action is light. The water is untreated.

The inner room contains a toilet and again has an outward swinging door. The door is fitted with a rotating internal lock with a wing type handle that can be operated without finger dexterity. There is no internal handle to assist with closing the door.

The room is large with space beside the toilet for a wheelchair. The toilet seat height is 420 millimeters and there are side and rear grab bars.

The flush is located directly behind the toilet and is a rotating type with a raised vertical handle. It is light to operate. There is a bin in the cubicle.