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Safety and regulations


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Change of conditions

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  • All the plants and animals in the park are protected. Leave the park as you find it.
  • Bins are not provided. Please take your rubbish with you.
  • Horses, vehicles and bicycles are not permitted. Access is by foot only.
  • In certain sections of the park, Sambar Deer may be hunted only by stalking from 15 February to 15 December. The use of dogs to hunt Sambar Deer is not permitted. Hunting other animals is not permitted. Contact 13 1963 for further information regarding hunting seasons and rules and regulations.

Dog regulations

  • Dogs and other pets are not permitted.


  • The park is remote and rugged with few to no facilities. Visitors must be experienced and well equipped.
  • This park has been assessed to have a high level of bushfire risk and will be closed for public safety on days of Code Red Fire Danger Rating.
  • On days of Code Red Fire Danger parks and forests are not safe places to be. For your own safety, do not enter parks or forests and if you are already there you should leave the night before or early in the morning.
  • Fires (including barbecues) must not be lit on days of Total Fire Ban. For more information about Total Fire Bans visit the CFA website.

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