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Bay of Islands


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Accessibility Information

The path entrance to the two Bay of Islands designated viewing areas is near the parking bay and has a surface of compacted small to medium crushed rock. The path is approximately 2.1 metres wide and has a gradual slope to the first designated viewing area of approximately 1:16.


The first designated viewing area is approximately 120 metres from the carpark. It is located approximately 25 metres from the main path and is accessed via a secondary path. The viewing area consists of a timber deck and horizontal timber safety railing. The top rail may impact on the quality of the view for some visitors if viewing from a seated position.


The second (main) designated viewing area of the Bay of Islands is approximately 140 metres from the carpark and access is via the main path. There is a slight gradient on the last section of path leading up to the viewing platform. The viewing area has a timber deck and horizontal timber railings as a safety barrier. The timber safety rails may affect the views of the Bay of Islands and the information sign for visitors in a seated position.



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