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Heritage Horse Trail

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Horse riding
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Horse riding is a great way to explore the distinctive bush atmosphere of Bunyip State Park and nearby Kurth Kiln Regional Park.

The Heritage Horse Trail follows some of the course from the 2009 Tom Quilty Gold Cup ride – Australia’s national horse riding endurance event.

The start and finish of the Bunyip Heritage Horse Trail is at the gate to Cannibal Creek Track at the Cannibal Creek horse unloading area off Tynong North Road, Tynong North.

Total distance

41 km, full day with options for shortcuts.

Trail Markers

Confirmation and directional markers are located along the Heritage Horse Trail to indicate any changes of direction the rider must take to stay on the Heritage Horse Trail.

Grade conditions

Riders aiming to complete the entire Heritage Horse Trail should ensure their horses are appropriately conditioned as there are some short steep sections. If riding the full 41 km route, riders will need to ensure horses have a chance to drink at Mortimer picnic area and along Black Snake Creek Road.

More information

For more infromation and a map, refer to the park note below.

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