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Banksia Bluff Campground


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Fireplaces, picnic shelter, bush showers and septic toilets are provided in the Banksia Bluff camp area. Borewater is available, but is not recommended for drinking.

The nearest food supplies are at Marlo. Gas, wood, ice and a public phone is available from the Manager’s office.

For camping and accommodation please visit the Cape Conran Camping and Cabins or call (03) 5154 8438.


Accessibility Information

The camping area is relatively flat in most areas and there are a large number of camping sites to choose from. Most sites have a compacted sand surface. The facilities that service the campsites are quite basic and consist of flushing toilets and outdoor showers with cold water. Most sites have a designated fireplace with a hotplate to cook on. The most accessible toilet block and outside shower services campsite numbers 65 to 72.

Cape Conran campsite

All these sites are approximately 35 metres from the toilets and outside shower. The toilet block consists of separate male and female toilets on a concrete slab. The entrance to the toilets is approximately 74 centimetres wide with an inward swinging door that has an internal horizontal, bolt-style lock.

Cape Conran camping toilet

The toilet cubicle area has reasonable room for manoeuvrability at 155 centimetres wide and 195 centimetres long. The toilet has no grab railing and the flush buttons are quite high from the ground at 116 centimetres. There is a small washbasin in the toilet cubicle with a knob tap.

Cape Conran camping toilet cubicle 

The outdoor shower is located a few metres away from the toilet block. It has no partitioning and is fully open. Access is via the campground road onto a short sandy path. The knob-style tap can be reached from a seated position.

Cape Conran camping outdoor shower

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