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Cape Conran Oliveberry Lodge


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Accessibility Information

Olive-berry Lodge is situated about 50 metres from Cabin 3 and is significantly larger.

Olive-berry lodge

Downstairs there are three separate bedrooms, a kitchen and a large dining/living area. The lodge also has two upper mezzanine areas, with additional mattress style bedding, that are accessed by fixed wooden ladders. Three separate toilet cubicles and three separate showers service the lodge. These have their own separate outside entrances for access. The main entrance to the lodge is located at the rear and this is ramped for easier access.

Olive-berry lodge ramp access

Parking is in front of the lodge and access to the main entrance is via a short path of compacted, small gravel leading up to the side of the lodge. The path is a little steep with a gradient of approximately 1:10 and this may be challenging for some manual chair operators and carers.

The main entrance to the lodge is approximately 107 centimetres wide, making access easy for most large wheelchairs and strollers. There is an inward-swinging front door and key entry, which may be difficult to access from a wheelchair due to the height of the door lock.

The bedding in the lodge consists of two bunk beds in one bedroom, and bunk beds and a bed settee in the other two bedrooms (sleeping up to 10 people in total). The entrances to the bedrooms are approximately 82 centimetres wide and have inward-swinging doors with lever door handles. The bedrooms are all quite small and have limited room for manoeuvrability, especially when the bed settees are unfolded. Access to the bedding for wheelchair users is difficult, as the bed settees are at floor level and the bunk beds have a ladder obstructing one end and a bunk above.

Olive-berry lodge bedroom 

The dining/ iving area in the lodge has several large timber tables with bench seating. There is adequate space under the bench at the end of the tables for wheelchair seating. The flooring in the lodge is polished timber throughout.


The toilet and shower facilities at the lodge are accessed externally by going out along the back deck. There is a separate accessible toilet in addition to standard toilet facilities. The entrance to the accessible toilet is approximately 80 centimetres wide with an inward-swinging door with a knob handle. The toilet cubicle has adequate space for manoeuvrability at 160 centimetres wide by 200 centimetres long. There are grab railings on the side wall next to the toilet and behind the toilet. There is a small washbasin with access underneath and hot and cold taps with knob handles. The vanity mirror is at a good height for wheelchairs, but some of the side wall grab railing obstructs the view.

Olive-berry lodge toilet


There is a separate accessible shower, in addition to standard shower facilities, at the lodge. Like the toilets, the shower is accessed via the back deck. The shower has an outward-swinging door approximately 95 centimetres wide. There is adequate room for manoeuvrability as the space is approximately 198 centimetres long by 160 centimetres wide. It has a standard shower nozzle and hot and cold knob taps. The shower nozzle is not detachable or height adjustable. The shower has a fold down shower bench seat and some vertical grab railing.

Olive-berry lodge shower

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