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Wilderness Retreat 1 - Cape Conran

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Accessibility Information

Wilderness Retreat 1 consists of a bedroom compartment and a small living area compartment. These are normally opened up to create one large open room. There are timber ramps to the entrance which are approximately 1.2 metres wide with a gradient of approximately 1:14. Parking is located in front of the retreat and access is via a short path of compacted gravel leading to the front entrance ramp. The gradient of the path from the carpark to the ramp entrance is slightly steep with an approximate gradient of 1:10. This may be challenging for some manual chair operators and carers.

Wilderness retreat 1

The retreat has polished timber flooring with canvas walls and roof (similar to a tent) with a canopy to protect it from bad weather. The entrance to the retreat is quite narrow, at approximately 80 centimetres wide making access difficult for some wheelchairs. The retreat has a queen size bed with a space of about 90 centimetres beside the bed. The living area has reasonable space for manoeuvrability.

Wilderness retreat 1 bedroomThere is no ensuite or kitchen in the wilderness retreat. A communal toilet and shower block and a separate kitchen block service the wilderness retreats.