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Walking on East Cape Beach

3 years ago from Parks Victoria

Location: East Cape Beach

East Cape Beach

3 years ago from Parks Victoria

Location: East Cape Beach

Go surfing

3 years ago from Parks Victoria

Location: Things to do

Wilderness retreat

3 years ago from Parks Victoria

Location: Stay in a Wilderness Retreat

Wilderness retreat

3 years ago from Parks Victoria

Location: Stay in a Wilderness Retreat

Change of conditions

  • A shark has been seen at various times in waters near the dead whale at Salmon Rocks, Cape Conran. People are warned not to enter the water off ocean beaches between Marlo (16kms west of Cape Conran) and Pearl Point (14kms east of Cape Conran) because sharks may be attracted to the carcass. People are also advised not to use the West Cape boat ramp until further notice due to oil from the carcass making the ramp slippery and dangerous to use. at Pearl Point
    Monday 23 November, 2015 |
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Long walk / Multi day walk
Short walk
Wilderness retreats

Accommodation at Cape Conran

Cape Conran has timber cabins overlooking sandy beaches that offer family and group accommodation, designed for comfortable but basic living. Local timbers have been used to give each cabin a…

Stay in a Wilderness Retreat

The wilderness retreat provides a ‘close to nature’ experience of bush camping with all the conveniences of modern cabins. They are located in a tranquil area and are designed to…

Binn Beach

Binn Beach is a good spot for surf fishing. The campground has easy access to the beach via a sandy track over the dunes. Bookings No booking is required. Camping…

Yeerung River

Experience the rich diversity of flora and fauna which is found in the lower reaches of the Yeerung River. A different perspective to the river is especially noticeable at sunset…

Dock Inlet

Soak up the serenity of Dock Inlet, a unique land locked expanse of fresh water isolated from the coast by a coastal dune barrier. The inlet is fed by the…

Gunnai Beach Campground

This is a small, remote campground that is best suited to walkers or those hiking the Wilderness Coast Walk. It has easy access via a sandy track over the dunes…

Yeerung Gorge

Yeerung Gorge - a jewel on the Cape - is a surprising landform that harbours some unusual vegetation associations and contains several deep dark rock pools fed by the babbling…

Pearl Point

Pearl Point features spectacular sedimentary rock formations, rolling sand dunes and an abundance of seabirds and sea life. It is a popular spot for surf fishing. Pearl Point campground has…

West Cape

West Cape offers the only boat launching ramp in the area. The road leading to the ramp is sealed and a large car park is located nearby. Care must be…

Banksia Bluff Campground

Banksia Bluff has relaxed bush camping among Mahogany Gums and Banksia woodland. Access Cape Conran Coastal Park is located 18km west of the small township of Marlo. Banksia Bluff Camp…

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