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East Cape Beach


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Walking on East Cape Beach

3 years ago from Parks Victoria

Location: East Cape Beach

East Cape Beach

3 years ago from Parks Victoria

Location: East Cape Beach

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East Cape is a good spot for a picnic offering gas barbecues and picnic tables. There are also a number of walks from the visitor area.

East Cape Boardwalk
(0.6 km, 1 - 1.5 hours return)

Cape Conran is rich in cultural heritage, both Indigenous and post European. The East Cape Boardwalk was a joint project of the then National Parks Service and the Moogji Aboriginal Council in Orbost. The boardwalk rounds the East Cape to Cowrie Bay. Along the way interpretive signs give you a glimpse of the uses Indigenous people made of the many resources around the Cape. The boardwalk joins the Nature Trail and a complete loop can be made back to the East Cape Day Visitor Area, or continue on to the West Cape and Salmon Rocks Beach. The Salmon Rocks lookout is part of the Batuluk Cultural Trail and has information on Indigenous midden sites.

Nature Trail
(1.5 kms, 1.5 - 2 hours return via boardwalk)

The Cape Conran Nature Trail begins in the East Cape Day Visitor Area and continues across the Cape to the western side. The Nature Trail provides insight into the special nature of the coastal environment. From Joiners Channel and the boat ramp there are trails  round to Salmon Rocks Beach.

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