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Gunnai Beach Campground


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This is a small, remote campground that is best suited to walkers or those hiking the Wilderness Coast Walk. It has easy access via a sandy track over the dunes to the beach.

Cape Conran Coastal Park is located 18km west of the small township of Marlo. Gunnai Beach campground is accessed via Bremm River along the unsealed Pearl Point Road.

No booking is required. Camping is on a first in, first-served basis.

There are 2 unpowered campsites available.

There are no toilets provided at the site. The nearest toilets and shops are 7km away at Bemm River.

No drinking water supplied – supply your own.

Only allowed in designated fireplaces – supply your own wood.

There is no rubbish collection at this campground, please take all rubbish with you.

Campfire guidelines

  • Light fires only in the fireplaces provided or use a portable camping stove instead
  • Ensure fires are never left unattended and are completely out before you leave
  • During summer and autumn Total Fire Bans are common - this means no open fires can be lit
  • For information on Total Fire Bans call the Victorian Bushfire Information Line on 1800 240 667

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