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Cape Conran Boat Ramp


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Boat Ramp 5th Feb 2017

3 weeks ago from Amelia TraversParks Victoria

Location: Cape Conran Boat Ramp

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  • The ramp was inspected on Sunday 5th February 2017 was clear of sand (see photo above). Parks Victoria will continue to monitor the condition of the ramp. at Cape Conran Boat Ramp
    Monday 6 February, 2017 |
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West Cape offers the only boat launching ramp in the area. The road leading to the ramp is sealed and a large car park is located nearby.

Care must be taken when using this boat ramp due to its exposed location.

The ramp is regularly subject to sand and kelp. The ramp is often slippery. It is advisable to use a 4WD to launch and retrieve vessels.

Parks Victoria generally clears the ramp of sand when conditions are favourable, but due to the rapidly changing state of the ramp, there may be occasions when there is sand on the ramp and ocean conditions are calm.

Launching and retrieving vessels is generally easier around high tide.



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