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Coolart Crake Hide


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Accessibility Information

Crake hide is approximately 130 metres from the Observatory and looks out over the Observatory Wetlands. It is accessed via a well-formed, crushed gravel path.

Cooalrt Crake hide path

Crake Hide is an open timber platform on the edge of the wetlands. There is a gently-sloping wooden ramp, with a gradient of 1 in 20, onto the platform. The platform provides a large viewing area over the lagoon.

Coolart Crake hide

The path continues over the earthen wall of the lagoon and turns left on the other side to follow the far bank. The path here is still crushed gravel.

Coolart Crake hide path past lagoon

The path crosses two boardwalks. They do not have handrails but both have 75 millimetre edge strips on both sides. The boards are covered with a fine chicken wire mesh for grip.

Coolart Crake boardwalk 

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