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Coolart Public Toilets


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Accessibility Information

The toilet facilities are to the right of the visitors centre.

Coolart toilets

The large swing door opens outward with light pressure required. The door handle is horizontal and pushes downwards. It can be operated without finger dexterity. The door has a soft self-closer and the internal lock is a rotating with a wing handle. It can be operated without finger dexterity.

Coolart toilet door

The toilet seat is 420 millimetres high and has side and rear grab rails. The flush is on the back wall and the buttons are set flush with the wall. Some finger dexterity would be required to operate them.

Coolart toilet cubicle

The hand basin has clear space under it with no exposed hot water pipes. Both the hot and cold taps are rotating with levers. They can both be operated without finger dexterity and a light action. There is a soap dispenser with a push-button next to the hand basin.

Coolart toilets handbasin

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