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Devilbend on-water access


Parks Victoria is planning to allow non-powered watercraft such as kayaks and canoes to use a section of Devilbend Reservoir for recreation.

Park users, residents, stakeholders and the broader community are invited to have their say about how this plan for limited on-water access will be implemented, including the area and types of watercraft permitted, as well as the location and type of launching facilities provided.


In accordance with the Devilbend Natural Features Reserve Management Plan, shore-based fishing is authorised in designated areas while on-water recreation by non-powered watercraft can be considered within the designated Conservation and Recreation Zone only.  Parks Victoria intends to amend the zoning in the management plan to allow non-powered watercraft access to a larger section of the reservoir than permitted by the current zoning (see map).

Parks Victoria recognises boating, such as canoeing and kayaking as popular activities for visitors to enjoy parks and their natural settings. In keeping with the Healthy Parks Healthy People philosophy, providing opportunities such as these activities contributes to the physical, mental and social health benefits of people. On-water access will also provide access to deeper water for fishing, to improve the chances of catching trout species which have a preference for cooler, deeper water towards the centre of the reservoir, particularly in summer.

Devilbend Natural Features Reserve is of high conservation significance and the 243 hectare Devilbend Reservoir is recognised as an Important Bird Area (IBA).  This means it is an area recognised by BirdLife International as being globally important for the conservation of bird populations, supporting over 1% of the global population of the Blue-billed Duck which is listed as threatened under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988.

Community Engagement Update

A four week community consultation period is being held from 20 February – 24 March 2017 to seek feedback on a proposal to allow on-water access for non-powered watercraft within an area of Devilbend Natural Features Reserve.

Comments now invited

A Discussion Paper and other background documents are available below to stimulate thinking about on-water access.  You may choose to respond directly to the issues presented in the Discussion Paper or make a general comment on the topic.

Discussion Paper including map with proposed changes (PDF 1.5MB)
Discussion Paper including map with proposed changes (Accessible version MSWord 3.4MB) 

Blue Billed Duck Flight Initiation Distance Report (PDF 4.6MB)
Blue Billed Duck Flight Initiation Distance Report (Accessible version MSWord 500kB)

Devilbend Natural Features Reserve Management Plan (PDF 4.9MB)
Devilbend Natural Features Reserve Management Plan (Accessible version MSWord 605kB)

You are invited to provide comment through the following channels:
Email  (include ‘Devilbend’ in the subject line)

or write to

Bill Mallinson
Parks Victoria
2 Hinton Street, ROSEBUD, VIC 3939

The closing date for submissions is Friday 24 March 2017