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Aire River West


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Aire River - Great Ocean Walk

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Location: Aire River West

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  • Sand Road Bridge, the bridge connecting Aire River East and West, is closed due to repairs by Colac Otway Shire. The bridge will re-open to walkers only from Saturday 5 September 2015, with vehicle access to be restored at a later date. Walkers are requested to gain the attention of bridge workers who will provide safe passage across the bridge. at Aire River West
    Friday 21 August, 2015 |
  • Aire River West campsites 24-40 (alongside the river) are closed until further notice due to flooding. Campsites  1-23 are available, but only accessible via the Sand Road. at Aire River West
    Wednesday 10 June, 2015 |
  • Sand Road, the road used to access Aire River West Campground when the Sand Road bridge is closed, is currently recommended for four wheel drive vehicles only due to poor conditions. at Aire River West
    Thursday 28 May, 2015 |
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Camp fires
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Aire River West is a big, flat and open camping area on the western side of the Aire River. It's a good place for large groups to camp. It has 50 grassy campsites suitable for tents and caravans. Toilets and fireplaces provided. Be self-sufficient with drinking water as there is none provided.

Enjoy fishing and canoeing on the river. There is a boat ramp nearby.

Advance bookings and payment are required year round.

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Great Ocean Walk hike-in and group campsites

Along with the car-based camping area at Aire River, there is also a purpose-built Great Ocean Walk hike-in camping area and a group camping area.

The hike-in campsite has eight individual camp pads set into the surrounding bushland. Each camp pad has room for a 2-3 person tent. There is a maximum of 12 people per hiker party, booking no more than four hike-in campsites at each location.

The group camping area offers larger and more open sites catering for groups up to16 people with enough room for eight 2-3 person tents.

Fees apply at these hike-in and group campsites and hikers must book in advance.

Online booking tip: Overnight hikes are booked per person, per night so set your booking search criteria to 1 night and 1 adult to return results for all available sites.

Accessibility information

(For visitors with mobility limitations) 

Access is via Horden Vale Road, Horden Vale. This road is narrow in sections and crosses Aire River on a single lane timber bridge. The road and bridge are not suitable for large buses.

The day visitor area is located on the west side of Aire River adjacent to the campground. There is also a day visitor area on the east side of the river but there are no accessible toilets on this side.


Facilities include picnic tables, fireplaces with hotplates, pit toilets and taps providing limited tank water


There is designated parking on a level compacted gravel surface very close to the picnic area. There are no designated disabled parking bays.

Picnic area

The picnic area has a number of picnic tables and a rotunda scattered on a flat grassed area adjacent to the camping ground. These have bench seats on two sides and sufficient underneath space at the ends for wheelchairs or strollers. There are also some fireplaces with barbecue hotplates.

aire river - picnic shelter 

The day visitor area is close to the west bank of the Aire River. The river can be crossed in wheelchairs and strollers via the vehicle bridge. The ocean beach is not accessible by vehicle or by wheelchair.

aire river - vehicle bridge 

Toilet Facilities

There is a unisex accessible toilet and standard toilet cubicles that service both the campground and the day visitor area. A compacted gravel path of approximately 100 metres leads from the day visitor area to the toilets. This path is on reasonably level ground except for the last 25 metres, which has a slope of approximately 1:14. Drop off parking is available within 30 metres of the toilets if required.

For further information about toilet access refer to Aire River West Campground. 

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