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Dragonfly Picnic Area


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The Dragonfly Picnic Area is a great spot for a barbecue picnic with friends and family.

There are electric barbecues, picnic tables (both undercover and in the open), toilets and an observation tower that overlooks the lake.

Accessibility Information


The Dragonfly carpark has two designated disabled parking spaces on the left at the far end of the carpark. They are 3.6 metres in width and are adjacent to the entry path leading to the toilet block and lookout tower. The carpark surface is level and sealed. The path to the toilet block and lookout tower is also sealed and has a slope of approximately 1 in 20 over 50 metres.



The toilet block has one unisex disabled facility between the male and female entrances. The room is large with ample turning room. There is wheelchair space beside the toilet which has side and rear grab rails. The hand basin has clear space under it, not exposed hot water pipes and the tap is lever operated.


Information Shelter

Beyond the toilets there is a large information board with an undercover area, concrete floor, level entry and low display panels.

info board

Observation Tower

Opposite the information shelter is the Dragonfly Observation Tower. It is entered directly on the concrete surface via two semi-circular boardwalk paths. The ramp there proceeds straight to the top at a 1 in 14 gradient with level rest areas. At the end of the ramp is a large flat observation area that over looks the park and the lake to the north.


Picnic tables

In this area of the park there are under cover tables adjacent to the information centre and several individual tables on the grass areas. The individual tables are the square design with one open side to allow wheelchair users to sit at the table or those requiring back support to bring their own chairs and sit at the table.

dragonfly - picnic table

Access to the lake

Below the observation tower there is a sealed path that leads down to the lake. This path is 80 metres in length and has a constant gradient of 1 in 12 without any level rest areas. The final 10 metres increases to a gradient of 1 in 10.dragonfly - path to lake

More information

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On Friday 14th March we went to visit this area of Karkarook Park. We went down with 7 visitors in wheelchairs. From the moment we parked to when we left it was a great experience. The undercover area was nice and close to the car park, and many paths were concreted and nice and easy to push a wheelchair on.

Karkarook Park has a very nice viewing platform with great views of the park. There are wide and large paths, large enough for a few people to walk or to push people that use wheelchairs. Although, some paths can be quite hilly. It is a shame that the toilets are on top of the hill which was not very accessible to us when we were down the bottom of the hill. The second car park is very flat but too far from toilets. It can be hard to push people in wheelchairs up the hilly path. There are BBQs on site. Electricity power points are located at some BBQs as well. Over all we had a great time and walked most of the park.

We found the walks great for blind and vision impaired people with well paved paths, mostly level grades and several options for distance to accommodate all fitness levels.

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