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The Gums Camping Area


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The Gums camping area is situated close to a meandering mountain stream and is nestled amongst tall eucalypts and ferns. This tranquil area is a popular base for relaxing or exploring the northern section of the park.

The Gums is ideal for families and small groups, with 18 camp sites of which five are suitable for caravans up to 20ft in length. Each campsite is surrounded by vegetation providing a delightful bush setting.

Camp sites are provided with shared facilities including picnic tables and fireplaces. The campground also has one free communal gas barbeque.

Camping fees apply throughout the year and all sites must be pre-booked. Fees are charged per campsite per night, and camping is only permitted on numbered sites with the necessary permit. Each campsite may be booked for a maximum of 6 people and one vehicle.

There is no drinking water at this campsite, visitors must bring in their own drinking water.

Once you have viewed the campground map and chosen your preferred site, book online with your credit card prior to your visit to The Gums.

School groups should call Parks Victoria on 13 1963 for bookings.

Advance bookings and payment are required year round.

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Campfire guidelines

  • Light fires only in the fireplaces provided or use a portable gas or fuel stove.
  • Ensure fires are never left unattended and are completely out before you leave.
  • During Summer and Autumn Total Fire Bans are common; this means no fires are to be lit including portable cooking appliances.
  • Always check for Total Fire Bans (or 1800 240 667) and fire conditions prior to your visit and carry a small radio or mobile phone.

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