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Lake Hindmarsh Lake Reserve


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Wild flowers

12 days ago from Sarah Branton

Location: Lake Hindmarsh Lake Reserve

Boneseed spreading

12 days ago from Sarah Branton

Location: Lake Hindmarsh Lake Reserve

Limited water remains following flooding in late 2016

9 months ago from Parks Victoria

Location: Lake Hindmarsh Lake Reserve

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  • Limited water remains in Lake Hindmarsh following flooding in late 2016. The current water level is approximately 150-200 metres down from the boat ramps. at Lake Hindmarsh Lake Reserve
    Friday 15 September, 2017 |

Lake Hindmarsh is a seasonal lake and can remain dry for several years between floods. 

When filled, Lake Hindmarsh is Victoria's largest freshwater lake an extremely popular spot for holiday makers, teeming with wildlife. Fringed by ancient River Red Gums and fed by the Wimmera River, this huge lake is shared by parrots, pelicans, sea eagles, anglers and water sports enthusiasts alike. The Wimmera River originates on the Great Dividing Range near Beaufort and ends in a series of "terminal lakes", including Lake Hindmarsh, Lake Albacutya and finally, the Wyperfeld flood plains.

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camping - relaxing by river


Lake Hindmarsh is an ideal place for camping. Four-Mile Beach is the most popular area and has good facilities. Camping…

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