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Little Desert Discovery


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Little Desert Discovery

3 Nov 2014 8:00am - 6 Nov 2014 5:00pm

Make a big difference at Little Desert! Learn about the endangered Mallefowl recovery program, support wildlife monitoring and encounter a range of native wildlife species held at the Little Desert Sanctuary including Suger Gliders, Bruh-tailed Bettongs and Bush-stone Curlews.
3 Nov 2014 8:00am - 6 Nov 2014 5:00pm
from $615 per person
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Little Desert National Park
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This is an all-inclusive tour, with transfers from West Melbourne

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Naturewise Eco Escapes

Conservation Volunteers and Parks Victoria offer an exciting range of new ethical vacations that blend amazing sights with meaningful conservation activities. Naturewise Eco Escapes provide participants with an opportunity to work with Park Rangers and conservation experts on key research projects, and make a personal contribution to the preservation of our special places and threatened wildlife. They are meaningful, small group travel experiences in some of Victoria’s most beautiful parks.


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