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Change of conditions

  • Ackle Bend is now open following Spring flooding. There is standing water in the billabongs near the camping areas. People and vehicles should stay out of the billabongs. at Ackle Bend Campground
    Thursday 24 November, 2016 |
  • Horseshoe Bend is now fully re-opened following the spring flooding. Some standing water remains in billabongs in the area. People and vehicles should stay out of the billabongs. at Horseshoe Bend Campground
    Thursday 24 November, 2016 |
  • Red Gum Swamp bush camp in the central block of the park is currently inundated with water and not accessible to visitors. Sections of the Red Gum Swamp track are also inundated or are impassable.  at Red Gum Swamp
    Wednesday 2 November, 2016 |
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Camp fires


Horseshoe Bend, Ackle Bend and Kiata campgrounds are popular locations for vehicle-based camping. These sites are accessible by two wheel drive vehicle. Camping fees apply at Horseshoe Bend and Ackle…


The park has a number of marked, signposted walks, ranging from 30 minutes to three days duration. These are in the eastern block of the park, and are accessible by…

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