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  • The rainwater tank at Yellowgums Walkers Camp is currently out of service. Walkers should always bring their own drinking water but water for other requirements will also need to be carried to this camp. Alternatively if walkers have a suitable 4WD vehicle they can undertake a water drop prior to their visit. The campsite can be accessed by a short walk via Wallaby Track. at Yellowgums Walkers Camp
    Wednesday 23 December, 2015 |
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Camp fires


Campgrounds are provided at Kiata, Horseshoe Bend, Broughtons Waterhole and Ackle Bend campground. Hike-in camps for the Little Desert Discovery Walk can booked at Yellowgums and Mallee walkers camps. Advance…


The park has a number of marked, signposted walks, ranging from 30 minutes to three days duration. These are in the eastern block of the park, and are accessible by…

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