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Take a canoe along the river. The Glenelg River is a safe course for canoe trips.

Canoes can be hired from Nelson and Dartmoor/Winnap and taken either upstream or downstream.

Camps are available at Dartmoor, Pines Landing, Moleside Landing, Skipworth Springs, Georges Rest, Forest Camp North, Bowds, Patterson Canoe Camp and Lasletts.

Advanced bookings and payment are required. You can book online or call Parks Victoria on 13 1963.

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Dartmoor to Nelson

Allow about four days to complete the canoeing trip from Dartmoor to Nelson.

If you are travelling downstream, the last day of canoeing can be affected by incoming tides and winds, which may
slow progress.

Canoeing Safety

  • Notify the park office of your intended trip
  • Know your group's abilities and plan stages accordingly - choose sensible daily distances
  • Do not canoe alone
  • Ensure that all participants can swim and are wearing life jackets
  • Do not overload your canoe
  • If you do capsize, pull the canoe into the bank
  • Do not mix alcohol and canoeing


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