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Activities on the Goulburn River


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Canoeing on the Goulburn is very popular because conditions are enhanced by the summer releases of water from Lake Eildon.

This area is a haven for flora and fauna and there are varied sections of rapids and flat paddling areas. Enthusiasts should be wary that this river sometimes poses major hazards with trees and other snags that abound in the river.


Swimming is popular, particularly near the townships where the river is easily accessible.


This stretch of the Goulburn is fairly shallow with plenty of snags, so preferred boating is by smaller craft. Steep banks predominately line the river, with sandbars and access points dotted throughout. Informal boat ramps are scattered along the river at popular access points.


Murray Cod, Golden Perch and Spiny Freshwater Crayfish are found in the river.

A current Victorian Recreational Fishing Licence is required for fishing in waters south of the Murray River including the Goulburn River.

A NSW Freshwater Recreation Fishing Licence is required for fishing in the Murray River

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