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Multi-purpose tracks below Bawden – Douglas Road and other specified roads and tracks within the park provide cyclists with a variety of terrain and landscape. Some tracks link to other areas of public land.

A separate cycling parknote is available below.

  1. Bawden Road-Scout Camp Track – 2.5km
  2. Scout Camp outer loop track – 5.7km
  3. Loop track off high side of Bawden Road- 3.6km
  4. Bawden Road, western park boundary to Clyde Track via Barbers Chute – 3.3km. Steep, rocky section for experience riders only – walking may be required
  5. Top of Barbers Chute to Cameron Drive via the Telecom tower track – 0.4km
  6. Cameron Drive from Clyde Track intersection to Francis Road intersection incorporating the loop return track – 4.2km
  7. Mount Macedon Road to Cameron Drive via start of Turner Avenue – 1.9km
  8. Cameron Drive from Clyde Track intersection to the commencement of Camels Hump Track – 1.4km
  9. Camels Hump Track from Cameron Drive to Mount Macedon Road – 700m
  10. Lions Head Road from Mount Macedon Road to the eastern access track – 2.0km
  11. Old Plantation Track through to Sanatorium Picnic Group access road – 760m
  12. Sanatorium Picnic Group access road to the eastern end of Barringo Road – Catchment gate – 2.3km
  13. Softwood plantation boundary track linking Barringo Road – 2.0km
  14. Hells Hole Track linking Barringo and Link Tracks – 1.4km
  15. Link Track Number 1 – joins Barringo Road – 600m
  16. Link Track Number 2 – 1.1km. Very steep section joins Zig Zag Road
  17. Hemphills Track – 1.6km
  18. Moola Track – 0.72km. Provides a link to Mt Macedon township via Sangsters Road
  19. Zig Zag Track – 1.3km
  20. Eastern Access Track – 1.5km
  21. Hesket Boundary Road linking Gap Road Cherokee – 4.1km

A number of bicycle tracks are closed seasonally to minimise erosion and protect track surfaces or to maintain water catchment quality.