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Brimbank Park Playscape


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Location: Brimbank Park Playscape


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Location: Brimbank Park Playscape

Playscape swings

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Location: Brimbank Park Playscape

Waa’s Message - an artistic feature of the maze

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Location: Brimbank Park Playscape

The Brimbank Park Playscape is a haven for creative play that will inspire children and their families to connect with nature as they play, explore and socialise in the outdoors.

The playscape has been designed specifically to create opportunities for children of all abilities, including those in wheelchairs, to join with their families to have fun in the park.

Features include: 

· The giant 'Bunjil the Creator' nest for children to climb.

· Waa's Message maze with many elements to discover.

· A ‘build-your-own’ cubby house structure.

· Beautiful artwork and sculptures telling the stories of the area.

Accessibility Information 

The Brimbank Park Playscape is an inclusive playground that provides a range of experiences for young children with a range of abilities. The playground design embraces several themes which focus on the indigenous and European history of the land where Brimbank park is located.

 Brimbank Playscape swing Brimbank Playscape hammock

The playground has a range of design features making it suitable and enjoyable for children with physical, cognitive and/or sensory disabilities.

Brimbank Playscape mosaic Brimbank Playscape accessible sandpit

The playground includes swings catering for both younger and older children with physical disabilities, a hammock, an accessible sand pit, interactive and colourful murials, a “build it yourself cubby house” and many other exciting features.

Brimbank Playscape peapod Brimbank Playscape tree

There are a range of tactile circular paths and animal sculptures that children can explore. There is signage in Braille and Auslan throughout the playground and an accessible water fountain. For seating there is bench style seating scattered throughout the playground.

Brimbank Playscape platypus Brimbank Playscape cubby

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