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Maroondah Reservoir is a generally accessible park.

The park has good gravel paths (though steep in places), and a high standard of furniture. 

The Rose Steps Rotunda is the most accessible of all the rotundas in the park. This a a good spot for a picnic or barbecue. There are designated accessible toilets nearby.

Maroondah Reservoir Park was assessed for accessibility in early 2012. Detailed information and photos of the accessibility of the facilities in the park are available by clicking on the links below. 

Main Parking

Accessibility information The main carpark for the picnic area accommodates 40 vehicles and is close to most of the picnic facilities. Individual parking bays are not marked except for 4…

Picnicking and sight-seeing

Enjoy a picnic or a barbecue while watching the colourful parrots feeding. Facilities include five picnic rotundas, gas and wood-fired barbecues, picnic tables scattered throughout the garden, a playground, three…

Rose Steps rotunda

Accessibility information The most accessible rotunda in the park is the Rose Steps Rotunda. There are five picnic tables under it on a level concrete slab. One of these tables…

Ibis Rotunda

Accessibility information Ibis Rotunda is next to the main carpark. Access from the carpark is over grass which is reasonably level and solid most times of the year. The rotunda…

Village Playscape

Accessiblity information The playground is designed for young children. It has a large sandpit, small slides and some miniature buildings. Access to the playground is best from the main carpark…

Watts River Rotunda

Accessibility information The Watts River Rotunda is at the Henderson picnic area of the park. Access from the carpark is over the grass. The rotunda has picnic tables that are…

Hendersons Toilet Block

Accessibility information There are separate male and female toilets at Henderson's Picnic Area. There is no unisex accessible toilet. Access to the toilets is from either the Henderson carpark or…

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