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Impending ban on dog walking


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Minister for Environment and Climate Change Lisa Neville has announced dogs will be banned in the Mornington Peninsula National Park from 1 November 2016, to provide greater protection for the park’s vulnerable fauna, particularly the endangered Hooded Plover.

This follows a review of the increased restrictions on dog walking that were implemented across the park in 2013. The review found there were significant levels of non-compliance with the dog regulations across the entire park area, which continues to pose threats to the park’s fauna and Hooded Plover populations. Mornington Peninsula National Park is identified as one of the highest priority areas nationally for Hooded Plover breeding, and has one of the largest adult breeding populations across the state.  However the Mornington Peninsula population has one of the lowest breeding success rates nationally. Hooded Plovers are listed as endangered in Victoria. Parks Victoria will work with the community to educate and inform park users about the impending dog ban over the coming months prior to the implementation of the ban from 1 November.  

For background information about the review and subsequent ban on dogs in the park, see the documents below.

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Dog walking on the Mornington Peninsula

There are obvious health benefits for people walking their dogs, and there are many areas on the Mornington Peninsula where people can do just that. However, within the national park it is an activity that needs to be carefully managed in the interests of protecting wildlife.

Alternative areas are available where dogs can be exercised responsibly, where people and their dogs can achieve the health benefits of exercise and where risks or threats to wildlife are relatively low. The Mornington Peninsula Shire brochure Where to Exercise Your Dog – It’s good for you and good for your dog provides detail on other areas where dogs can be walked on leash and where dogs can be exercised in designated leash free areas including beach areas. This brochure will be amended to incorporate the changes on dog walking in the Mornington Peninsula National Park.