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Cape Schanck - Lighthouse


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Accessibility information

The lighthouse grounds are accessible by purchasing an entry fee from the ticket office.

The path is hard earth and there is a wide entry gate next to the turnstile which will be opened if required.

Access to lighthouse grounds  

gate access to lighthouse grounds

Once in the grounds there is a good concrete path that leads to the museum, the lighthouse and the lighthouse lookout.

path to lighthouse

The entrance to the museum is standard door width but it has level entry from the outside paving. Inside the museum there is plenty of room to view the exhibits.

museum entrance  

museum - inside

The lighthouse has a narrow door and a narrow staircase inside leading up to the deck and light. The area around the lighthouse is concrete paved giving an excellent view of the building from ground level.

From the lighthouse there is a concrete, level path leading to the lookout. The observation deck is also concrete and a large flat area giving excellent views across to the Cape.

lighthouse lookout

There is a picnic area within the lighthouse grounds that has two accessible picnic tables with roll under sides.

picnic table

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