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 (For visitors with mobility limitations)

Centenary Park

  • The limestone-surfaced roads and circulation paths around Centenary Park are rough and heavily eroded.
  • The large camping area is divided into three zones.
  • The most generally accessible of these is the area known as Yellow Gums, although there is a short steep slope to enter this site.
  • The composting toilets between the North and Yellow Gums camping areas include a designated facility meeting many access standards.

Summit Picnic Area

  • There are no views from the picnic area and car park at Mount Arapiles.
  • Visitors must use the summit track to get to the viewing point.
  • This track is short but also very steep with many steps and some rock-hopping at the top so accessibility is poor.
  • The Bluff Picnic Area and lookout further down the mountain is a more accessible site offering views without a walk.

Bluff Lookout

  • Bluff Lookout is a relatively accessible alternative to the summit of Mount Arapiles.
  • Good views are available from the car park and picnic area.
  • Unsealed car parking.
  • No toilet facilities.
  • There is a nature walk further down Lookout Road that is reasonably accessible, although currently lacking features such as handrails, a sealed surface and seating.

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